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Scheduler, Tina Barclay
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Dear Residents of District 4,

It is an honor and a privilege to serve as your representative on the Sacramento Board of Supervisors.

Over the past decade the County has experienced an economic downturn that required making adjustments, cutting and prioritizing programs and improving efficiencies.  At the same time, the Federal and State Governments are requiring local governments to bear more of the burden in multiple areas (repair of our aging infrastructure, reducing State prison population, re-defining crime, revamping our medical system, increasing control over how we spend money at the local level and changing how we educate our youth).

While California can boast that we are a leader in clean energy, our regulatory environment is a barrier of entry for businesses that are looking for viable opportunities and growth.  Over the next two decades we are faced with ambitious policy requirements, such as recycled garbage to replace landfill, building standards that make our homes safe, comfortable and more affordable, strict regulations to improve air and water quality and new ways to look at how we design our communities to improve the quality of life for our families.  New innovation and technology is all around us and the decisions we make during this time will serve as the foundation for the leaders and inventers of tomorrow.  

As your representative my number one priority is to ensure that our neighborhoods and roads are safe.  My first thought will always be, "can we afford it, does it protect our rights and how will it impact the residents?" 

Public safety is more than responding to crime; It is preventing crime by engaging with and teaching our youth, our parents, protecting our aging community members and encouraging active community support.  It means helping our Veterans who served honorably and deserve our support.  It also addresses the complex issues of homelessness, mental health, addiction and other human services. 

I will support sensible budget management to sustain us over time.  I will promote policy that encourages and supports business owners; and I will also partner with business professionals and teachers to improve education and create entrepreneurial opportunities that attract our next generation leaders to come home to the Sacramento area.  I have not forgotten the roads.  My citizen advisory committee will be working to identify opportunities for road funding.

At the outset of 2017 I will continue the regular Community Cabinet Meetings as my office reaches out to conduct a survey to learn how we can better keep you informed.

It is a pleasure to serve you and I look forward to working with my colleagues on the board and community partners to provide the best possible services to our County residents and businesses. Please feel free to contact me directly at or 916-874-5491.


Sue Frost


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